I help professional women in their 40's+ have more energy, clearer minds and better gut health with simple actionable steps that lead to a more empowered life.

Learn how to restore your energy naturally, so you can wake up feeling rested & ready to tackle the day - on a consistent basis!

More Energy

Take simple steps to reduce brain fog & increase focus so you can experience more clarity in every area of your life. 

Clearer Mind

Ditch the uncomfortable bloating & other digestive symptoms with a framework designed exclusively for women in their 40's & beyond.

Balanced Gut

As a full time working mom of a middle and high schooler, I know how busy life can get! It can be challenging to prioritize your health while juggling all of your competing responsibilities. My goal is to help you simplify your health care routine 🙌

Throughout my 20+ year career as a pharmacist, I've learned a thing or two about what helps keep people healthy. The truth is- it's not about which fad diet or supplements you're taking - it's about building a solid framework made of simple health choices that works seamlessly in *your* life.

Intentionally choosing nourishing whole foods, moving your body, and incorporating stress-reduction practices in ways that feel manageable for you and your family, naturally brings you in alignment with living your healthiest life.  

We know it's easier said than done, which is where I come in! My goal is to help lower that overwhelming feeling and empower you on your journey toward sustainable health. 

Making small changes, one at a time, and cultivating the right mindset goes a long way. Ultimately, my goal is to help women (just like you!) take care of themselves so they have the energy to be fully present and live their best life on purpose.

Hi, I'm Dr. Alanna.


What you can count on...

Functional testing with measurable results to uncover the root causes behind symptoms.

Personalized diet & lifestyle recommendations based on your unique symptoms & health goals.

Individualized support that makes "getting healthy" feel simple & more manageable.

Down-to-earth consulting & practical solutions from someone who's been in your shoes .

3-month gut detox immersion to promote & accelerate healing. This program can be done with, or without lab testing, depending on your budget. 

Detox Immersion

Comprehensive review of current symptoms and most recent labs from primary provider (within last 1-2 yrs) + personalized recommendations for moving forward.

Deep Dive

This personalized program can be done in a group or 1:1 setting and includes a deep dive session to kick things off, followed by a 6-month holistic health journey toward sustainable health & empowered living.

VIP Coaching

Ways to Work Together

A comprehensive assessment of sex and adrenal hormones and their metabolites with dried urine and saliva testing to support energy, sleep, mood and more. Includes 60-min. review session.

DUTCH Hormone | $650

Customizable panel of novel and highly accurate sensitivity testing for specific reactive foods, colorings and additives to help improve belly bloating, stomach pain, fatigue, and more. Includes 60-min. review session.

Food Sensitivity | $650

This test helps us take a closer look at your unique gut microbiome as well as biomarkers for digestion and inflammation to help improve and maintain healthy body function. Includes 60-min. review session.

GI Effects | $650

With just a few snips of hair, Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) test helps us bring your mineral system back into balance to support cellular metabolism, nerve conduction, immune functions and more. Includes 30-min. review session.

Hair Mineral Test | $275

Functional Testing

Functional tests help us determine underlying issues behind your symptoms. These tests give us more detailed information than the bloodwork that is typically run by a primary care doctor and allow me to prepare custom healing protocols. Pricing includes a review session & personalized recommendations.  

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5 Simple Steps to Lower Stress & Feel Better Fast.

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Ready to  Simplify Your Health?

Living a healthy life doesn't have to feel overwhelming! Together we can take simple steps toward sustainable health. I offer a free 15-minute call where we can get to know one another and see if we're a good fit to work together. I look forward to chatting with you!